The Steiger City Teams are dynamic missionary groups, that aim at reaching the Global Youth Culture by sharing the Gospel in the creative way, raising up disciples and making long-term relationships with the local churches.
Nowadays, many young people have the wrong perception of the Good News and the Church. We live in the rapidly developing society, that has created its own culture, while the Church is regarded as the old-fashioned institution. The Steiger teams’ priority is to change this image by cooperating with the local churches and sharing the Gospel beyond the church walls.

  • Creates the team, whose members get strongly involved in the local church
  • Develops the culture of “seeking God” by prayers, Bible studies and worship
  • Is constantly active in the city life
  • Engages regularly in the creative evangelism.
  • Provides space for discipleship through the Community House, Open House and weekly Bible studies
  • Organizes annually on the wide scale many evangelistic activities, including concerts, interactive art exhibitions and missionary outreaches.
  • Offers the annually mission trainings - the Steiger seminars, Compact School, conferences
  • Establishes the partnership network with churches and ministries all around the city
  • Invests continuously in the new leaders, so as to establish the new city teams.

Our global vision is to establish 100 Steiger City Teams by 2025 around the world. So far in Poland there are two dynamically teams in Poland.
Without God and the people our dreams will remain unfulfilled.
See how we work and join us!

The Steiger team of Ka­tow­ice was formed in Sep­tem­ber 2019. Al­though we have been in­volved in work­ing among the youth cul­ture in our city for a cou­ple of years, hav­ing come up with an idea of cre­at­ing a team that would have been able to act in this area, turned out to be the per­fect op­por­tu­ni­ty for that time. Our group con­sists of the peo­ple from dif­fer­ent Ka­tow­ice con­gre­ga­tions and the whole Sile­sia re­gion.

We see a great need to preach the Gospel in our re­gion, that is in­hab­it­ed by over 2 mil­lion peo­ple and a vast part of whom are the teenagers and the stu­dents. We want to come to them by per­form­ing the street and cul­tur­al events, or­ga­niz­ing sem­i­nars, meet­ings and ac­tions at uni­ver­si­ties. Every week we lay our foun­da­tion, which means that we meet up, share our lives, sup­port each oth­er, but most of all, we pray for our­selves, our con­gre­ga­tions and cit­i­zens of Wro­claw. Each of us takes part in our lo­cal so­ci­ety’s life, we work on dif­fer­ent projects, that are ad­dressed to the stu­dents of our city. We pur­sue reach­ing the Gospel in a num­ber of ways.

Our projects

(or projects, in which par­tic­i­pate our team mem­bers)

  • The well - the youth meet­ings
  • What hap­pened? - the stu­dent fes­ti­val
  • Mari­ac­ka by night - the evening’s Gospel out­reach
  • Two new­ly cre­at­ed Com­mu­ni­ty Hous­es - the apart­ments of two girls
  • Kurs Al­pha
  • The mine of good­ness
  • Ac­tiv­i­ties at uni­ver­si­ties (with co­op­er­a­tion of CHSA Ka­tow­ice)
  • and much more!

Join to us

If you want to join us - write to us at: maria.marsza­
Maria Marsza­łek is a team leader, and for many years has worked with the youth and for the mis­sion across the coun­try. Ka­tow­ice is her beloved city and the Sile­sia province has filled her heart, which is why we want to fight for our re­gion.